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Intuitive Readings

In person




What are you ready to step into?What would you like to create as your life? What have you thought is just out of reach?

This is a combination of a clairvoyant and Higher Self reading, messages and guidance from your guides and angels, intuitive life exploration, and powerful energetic clearing session.

I look into your energy field at your past, past lives, present, future, and future lives, while clearing the roadblocks that stop you from generating a life, living and future that is beyond your wildest dreams!

In this conversational type session, you can ask me, your guides and your angels any questions that you wish.

To setup your session please call: Vanessa (203) 232-7927 or

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1, 2, 3 or 4 Quick Question

Email Only


Do you have a question from a previous session, wondering what your next steps are with an issue in your life, or need a confirmation or quick message on a particular topic? 

This option is designed to provide a quick and clear answer to your questions, so please provide as much information as necessary.

If there is one topic with multiple questions, please count those as separate questions. If you are unsure, please email me the  questions and I will let you know how many questions that it would be counted as.

Usually I will be able to answer questions within 1-2 business days (M-F excl. holidays and vacation - see sidebar for vacation message).  Once I receive your question, if I am behind and will take longer than 1-2 business days, I will respond and let you know when you should expect to receive the response from your guides and angels. Each question will be answered in 1 short paragraph, but can be longer if your guides and angels would like to give you more information. Please no questions about pregnancy or infidelity.

These are done by email only. You may pay for the questions using the Paypal button for a secure transaction then you will see a form to submit your questions. I will email you if I do not receive them for some reason, or if the form does not appear please send me an email with your questions.

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Sound Healing


Healing Essences

*In Person Only*

These are in-person healings where you lay fully clothed on a massage table. There is no touch involved as both the sound healing and the healing essences work in your energy field only, using vibrational medicine and energy to clear your meridians, balance the energy in the organs, glands and body. 

Most people feel the difference instantly as their body aligns into a more balanced and naturally healthy, peaceful and fulfilled state.

Sound Healing
Did you know that your body can be attuned to achieving optimal physical balance? In the sound healing session we work with tuning forks specific to your bodies organs, glands and spiritual chakras. When people receive a treatment they feel peaceful, balanced, in sync with their body and have great pleasure knowing they are grounded and their body is functioning optimally in the highest energetic state.

Healing Essences
Have you wondered how you can truly utilize the healing properties of plants of gemtones to vibrationally bring you back to harmony? In this natural and earth based healing session we work with gemstones, minerals, colors, plant and flower essences to shift your energy into what is most optimal for you. Most people that work with these feel renewed, refreshed, whole, happier and grounded. The healing takes place on deep levels and lasts way beyond the session.

I believe that whatever the issue, there is a vibrational frequency on this earth that will bring you back to balance and harmony.

You may combine both of these treatments into one longer session if you would like the ultimate vibrational upgrade!

This can help with:
  • Grounding 
  • Feeling Open and Connected to the Earth
  • Feeling Healthier & Lighter
  • Deep Relaxation 
  • Stress Reduction
  • Weight Loss
  • Cellulite Reduction 
  • Releasing Emotional and Physical Pain
  • Enhanced Immunity
  • Youthening/Anti-Aging
  • Reconnecting with your True Self
  • Integrating the Mind & Body
  • Creating a Deeper Spiritual Connection
  • Letting Go and Receiving
  • Opening up Psychic Gifts
  • Finding Your Authentic Voice and Essence
  • Allowing Yourself to Shine
  • Better Self-Esteem & Confidence
  • Nurturing and Loving Yourself
  • Healing from Trauma & Emotional Wounds
  • Clearing Past Relationships and Stuck Energies/Cords
  • Inviting New Love In
  • Releasing Past Memories and Being in the NOW
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 Vibrational Healing



In Person

Healing can be so easy! Vibrational healing works directly with your energy system. We find the belief systems, blocks and stuck or discordant energies and sweep them away. With emotional issues and some physical issues, most people report feeling better immediately.

This session is similar to an Intuitive Reading. We can work on any issue you'd like. I work with your team of guides, angels, and a healing team to clear and work with your energy. This is NOT a hands on healing or bodywork session, but will feel like more like a conversation with you. You may lay down or stay seated if you wish. 

Many people come in to work on:

  • Relationships 
  • Anxiety/Panic Attacks
  • Career/Finding Your Purpose
  • Self-Esteem
  • Stress Reduction
  • Weight Loss
  • Confidence
  • Finding New Love
  • Joy
  • Money Blocks
  • Physical Pain
  • Exhaustion
  • Healing Traumas and Wounds
  • Finding Unconscious Blocks to Success
  • Confusion around Next Steps
  • Raising your Vibration
  • Becoming more Conscious
  • Anything you can think of!

Please Select
I will email you to setup our phone session time and ask you briefly what you'd like to work on. If you are unsure we will just work through anything that is coming up for you.

To setup your phone or in-person session please call:
Vanessa (203) 232-7927 or 

Negative Energy Clearing

In Person,




Do feel like something is blocking you or sabotaging all your good efforts? Do you feel like you may have a curse or negative energies affecting your life?

This is an in-peron, phone or email session where I look into your energy and clear any blocks of negativity, contracts, vows, etheric cords, or curses that may be affecting you or blocking your success. This can be an intense session and may people feel the difference instantly when each area of negativity is cleared. You may notice life gets easier and the people around you respond more positively to you.

This is just some of clearings that you may receive:

  • Evil Eye Curses
  • Hexes
  • Spiritual Cords
  • Energetic Hooks
  • Pyschic Knives
  • Entities
  • Demons
  • Alien energies
  • Implants
  • Vows
  • Contracts
  • Agreements
  • Intrusion energies
  • Infection energies
  • Posession energies
  • Ghosts/Lost Souls
  • Psychic Vampires

If you are requesting this by email, once the clearing is complete you will be sent a detailed description of what we cleared. If you feel blocked in a specific area, or are having issues with certain people in your life please include that info in the comments in Paypal or send me an email and we can clear the negative energy/curses relating to those people.

Please if you are new to energy work, no more than one session a week as this will give your energy time to recover and balance out.

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House Clearing

*Email Only*

Are you moving into a new home and want to clear out all the energy from the previous occupants? 

Have you ever walked into a room and just felt like it was heavy or the air was thick?

Having trouble selling your home? 

Do you have a lot of malfunctions going on in the home? Or just feel like a lot of negativity happened there and would love to start fresh?

In this hour long session I will go through and release all the leftover emotions and thoughtforms that get stuck into the walls and atmosphere of your home. Your angels and healing team guide me through the home and we close all open energetic portals, gateways, etc,. We clear the emotional residue and any discordant energies and raise the vibration of the home. If there are any spirits lurking we send them into the light or any curses on the home we clear them and the surrounding land. 

One of the common spiritual causes of a home not selling is that the entities  that are occupying it do not want it sold! Another secondary cause is that there are emotions such as anger and grief in home and most people can feel those, or just feel as though something is not right and will not be interested in the home. Sometimes just a simple act of clearing the home will turn things around quickly.

If there are a lot of electrical malfunctions in the home or other sudden dispruptions sometimes there is a negative energy or open portals at the root cause. This could also happen if you do a lot of healing work in the home as that can leave leftover energies and thoughtforms. If someone was doing drugs in the home or nearby that can cause your money flows to flow away from you, which may cause financial issues as well. This clearing will address all of these areas and allow you a fresh start and allow you to truly cleanse out that space.

When purchasing you will be prompted to enter your address, please enter the address of the home you want cleared. There is also a space for special instructions if you have anything you'd like to add. You can also email me with any additional information or any specific areas or concerns you'd like to focus on or pictures if necessary.

Once the clearing is completed I will send out a detailed report on what was removed from the house/land. $297

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