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By accessing this website and/or requesting and engaging in any services you agree to the following disclaimer and privacy policy:

Reiki and all other energy healing modalites and spiritual guidance are not a substitute for sound medical and/or psychiatric advice and treatment. I do not diagnose conditions or prescribe any medications. The information contained in this web site and in the monthly newsletters should not be used as a substitute for medical care and advice of your physician. Reiki, other energy work, and spiritual guidance are wonderful adjuncts to regular medical care, and can enhance the effectiveness of medical treatments. In-person, phone and Internet readings are provided to individuals that desire positive and helpful insight into present and future life issues. All psychic readings and consultations are intended to offer an insight into a person’s personal life and do not in any way, constitute legal, financial, or professional advice. The Crystal Lotus Healing Center LLC will do its best to provide positive guidance to a client, however if a client is requesting information relating to: Legal Matters - It is recommend that client seek advice from a lawyer. Medical questions - the client must seek medical advice from a health professional. Business questions : the client must seek further advice from a financial advisor. Psychological disorders : the client must clarify their condition by seeking professional advice from a health professional. By engaging in a reading, you understand that I do not diagnose illnesses, including questions pertaining to pregnancy and death. The Crystal Lotus Healing Center LLC  will not be liable for the death or personal injury resulting from the negligence, or for fraudulent misrepresentation. You understand that a reading is primarily for referencing purposes and is not intended to be regarded as professional judgement or advice. Services are provided to those that are 18+ and live in the United States and Canada. Readings are for entertainment purposes only. The Crystal Lotus Healing Center LLC and does not guarantee the accuracy or results of any reading, answers or any other information received during a session and is thereby not responsible for any losses resulting from your reliance on any information received during a session. There are no guarantees to this information and should be considered as informational only. Information obtained during a reading or other session is subject to your own personal interpretation. The client receiving the reading is responsible for their own interpretation, choices and actions. Please contact the authorities immediately if someone is missing. I do not locate missing persons or lost items. If you have any questions regarding your health, such as pregnancy, please contact your physician. The Crystal Lotus Healing Center LLC reserves the right to refuse any client, and/or question. If this is the case and you already submitted your payment, it will be refunded to you in the manner it was received.

The purpose of these services offered are to motivate, enlighten and inspire personal growth, common sense, morals, and good judgement, to take accountability for our own actions and choices, and to use higher knowledge and logic for better decisions by use of my skills and training listed on this website under the services page. I live by the Universal energy of Light and Love, and handle these services and your personal information with morals and ethical behavior.

None of your information is ever shared with third parties. No personal information or session information is ever sold, rented, or discussed. All information is kept private and confidential. When you give your personal information to and The Crystal Lotus Healing Center LLC or should you order through a Paypal account, this information is not shared with any other third parties at any time.

This site and its owners are not liable for any direct, indirect, or incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising from using this site and its content. The Crystal Lotus Healing Center LLC does not endorse the links or advertisements that are listed throughout the website. They are listed as a convenience to the visitors and assume no responsibility for those who access these links. I give no guarantees, warranties or representations, implied or otherwise, for the content or accuracy of these third-party sites.

At any time and effective immediately, The Crystal Lotus Healing Center LLC reserves the right to change its billing methods and its rates within the website and its advertising and promotional material found on the Internet or in print media.

These are the terms of service. If you disagree with any portion of this disclaimer and privacy policy I ask that you please do not request a session or if you have one already booked please let me know and we will cancel it. Thank you.

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Oh sweet Vanessa! Readings with you are an experience unlike anything I have ever had before, and let me tell you I have been to other psychics. To call it a psychic reading doesn't do justice...more